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Content Creation & Audience Growth


  • Built 500K+ audience in 12 months
  • Scaled Faster Than Normal™ Newsletter to 35k subscribers in 12 months
  • Scaled The Intelligence Age Newsletter to 30k subscribers in 5 weeks

Areas I Can Help With

  • Going from Zero to 10k (Social Media & Newsletters)
  • Scaling from 10k to 100k+ (Social Media & Newsletters)
  • Content creation systems & frameworks
  • Optimizing your brand & profile(s) for conversion (followers, email subscribers, sales)
  • Distribution and engagement strategies
  • Hiring & working with Virtual Assistants
  • Monetising your audience

Personal Growth & Career Acceleration


  • Academic: Graduated as Valedictorian of University of Western Australia (1st in course across 3 units, 2nd in course across 2 units, 3rd in course once)
  • Sporting: Represented Australia in Water Polo at 17 years old
  • Career: Youngest in graduate cohort at Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division at 20 years old, promoted from Business Development Representative to Account Executive in 4 months at

Areas I Can Help With

  • Frameworks for thinking about career
  • Long-term planning and execution of goals
  • Daily design to maximise energy and productivity
  • Minimising digital distractions

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