Newsletter Mastery

Start, scale, and monetise a 5-figure subscriber newsletter (without leaving your day job).

Join 1,000 others on the waiting list to accelerate and monetise your newsletter growth. This is everything I’ve learned in scaling two newsletters to 60,000 and 50,000 subscribers (and 5-figures in monthly revenue) in the last 18 months.

Expected release: November. If you’re on the waitlist at launch, you’ll recieve two very special bonuses for being early.

Newsletter mastery course
Newsletter mastery course
Newsletter mastery course

Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Alex Brogan.

I launched my first newsletter, "Faster Than Normal," in March 2022 while working full-time at a startup.

Beginning from scratch—with zero opens, zero subscribers, and zero revenue—I was completely new to the nuances of starting, growing, or monetising a newsletter.

Fast forward 18 months: I've successfully built not just one, but two newsletters to 50,000 subscribers and five-figures in monthly revenue.

What’s more?

My second newsletter, "The Intelligence Age," was able to achieve this in ~4 months—a quarter of the time of Faster Than Normal.

I harnessed everything I’d learned from Faster Than Normal to expedite our pathway to rapid subscriber growth and monetization.

Many have asked me about my experiences, so I've decided to document literally everything I’ve learned about starting, scaling, and monetising a newsletter.

It's the exact playbook I wish I had when I was just starting out. I’m confident you’ll find the content no-fluff, highly tactical, and immediately actionable.

Further, it will help steer you clear of many blunders—ones both novices and seasoned newsletter operators often commit.

Alex Brogan

What's in the course?

Here's what's in the course curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Course goals
  • My journey
  • How to take the course
  • Why build a Newsletter
  • Key Newsletter terminology

Module 2: The Setup & Foundations

  • How to choose your Newsletter niche
  • How to choose a type of Newsletter (content/voice/format)
  • How to brand and name your Newsletter
  • How to choose your technology stack
  • How to build a landing page
  • How to build a lead magnet
  • How to design your Newsletter
  • How to choose your sending frequency
  • How to determine your ideal sending time (day/time)

Module 3: Growth

  • My story with Faster Than Normal and The Intelligence Age
  • Good growth and bad growth
  • Evaluating growth channels
  • Organic growth channels
  • Paid growth channels (with special guest, Matt McGarry)
  • Word of mouth

Module 4: Engagement

  • What an engaged list is and why it matters
  • The core engagement metrics
  • Deliverability essentials (with special guest, Demand Curve)
  • How to improve engagement

Module 5: Monetisation

  • When to monetise
  • The 17 ways to monetise (Including Affiliates, Job boards, Digital products, Events, Investment Funds, SaaS, & more)
  • Tracking profitability (Unit Economics and Net Profit)

Module 6: Sponsorships

  • When to start finding sponsors
  • How to build a sponsor kit
  • How to find sponsors
  • How to contact sponsors
  • How to work with sponsors
  • Managing sponsorship bookings and calendar
  • How to price ads
  • How to write & design ads

Module 7: Paid Newsletters

  • When to go paid
  • Benefits and challenges of a paid newsletter
  • Examples of paid Newsletters
  • How to get free subscribers to sign-up

Module 8: Templates & Guides (17 resources)

  • The Newsletter Mastery Niche Finder (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Brand Assets (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Technology Stack (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Landing Page Checklist (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Design Checklist (Notion template)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Growth Channels Database (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Deliverability Checklist (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Engagement Checklist (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Monetisation Methods Database (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Ad Pricing Universe (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Ad Pricing Calculator (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Sponsor Engagement Email Series (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Demographic Survey Template (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Media Kit Template (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Ad Revenue Calculator (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Profitability Model (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Unit Economics for Subscriber Acquisition Model (CAC/LTV) (Excel)

Module 9: Additional Bonuses

  • The Newsletter Mastery Content Idea Validator
  • The Newsletter Mastery Content Planner
  • The 0 to 1k Subscribers Action Plan
  • The Newsletter Mastery Carousel Template for Social Media
  • The Writing Mastery Guide
  • A Crowdsourced List Of The Best Resources On The Internet
  • The 2nd Brain Database Template
  • Exlusive Discounts on Software Tools (Beehiiv, Typeshare, Hypefury, & More)