November 8, 2022




A Simple Framework To 10x Your Network

A simple framework to 10x your network

Help This Person

Every time you encounter another person, think: "How can I help this person?"

It's not altruistic.

Nothing else can so quickly accelerate your career and improve your quality of life.

Being helpful is the best form of "self-promotion" there is.

When you see someone you'd rather not spend time talking to, think "help this person."

Instead of giving short answers and trying to end the conversation abruptly, genuinely ask how they are and what they're working on.

See if there's something obvious you can help with.

When you see someone you haven't seen in a while, do the same.

When you walk into your local cafe, think "help this person" about the server.

Instead of standing there with negative body language because your order isn't coming fast enough, see if you can make them smile.

When your colleague produces a subpar piece of work, think "help this person."

Instead of criticizing them, dig below the surface to understand why it happened.

Help them improve their skills or find a role better suited where they can succeed.

Don't ignore it, really help.

When you interview someone and realise halfway through that you're not going to hire them, tell them.

Use the rest of the interview to problem solve and help them find a role or company that's better suited.

You'll be their most memorable rejection ever.

h/t @vkhosla

Approaching any situation with the mindset of, "How can I help this person?" will dramatically change your attitude.

It will change your thought process from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

It will change the interaction from negative to overwhelmingly positive.

But, wait a minute, don't some bad people win?

Yes, they do. But, this is the exception. Not the rule.

It takes extraordinary intellect or skill to succeed while being a bad person.

For those of us with a heart, the only choice is to succeed by helping others.

There is no faster or more effective way to change your interactions and build relationships.

You'll be viewed as a helpful, constructive, positive, and dependable person.

People will think you are more thoughtful, attentive, and understanding.

People will think of you for job opportunities.

People will think of you for investment opportunities.

People will think of you when they need someone they can trust.

People will tell other people all of these things which enhances your reputation even further.

That's why thinking "help this person" is not altruistic; it's selfish.

Selfish in the best sense of the word.

The single best way to help yourself is to always be looking for ways to help other people.

It just so happens that this also makes the world a better place.

What makes this framework difficult:

It doesn't always have an immediate payoff.

You could spend months with this approach and not receive any benefit.

And so it is with all great habits, their gratification is delayed.

The key is trusting the principle of reciprocity.

The 'Times' change. Technology changes. Markets change.

But, human behaviour doesn't change.

We're hard wired to respond well to those that treat us well and help us.

You can trust that over a long enough time period, your efforts to help others will pay you back 10x.

h/t to @BruceKasanoff for this brilliant framework.

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Alex Brogan writes about mental models, decision making, and personal development.

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